Closed Captioned Videos for the Hearing Impaired 
Life today is full of questions.
What do I believe? 
Could it be proven in a court of law? 
Testimony on Trial seeks to find answers to these questions while engaging you, the viewer, as its jury. 
The scope of this intriguing presentation includes: 
Nature’s Testimony 
Textbook on Trial 
Witnesses of the Word 
and Verdict of Victory.
As a citizen of planet earth, YOU have been called to judge for yourself the evidence presented in the Testimony on Trial.
The beauty, power and magnificence of earth’s natural wonders are all portrayed in this splendid nature film. With just enough science in its narration to accent its stunning footage, this DVD collectible is sure to become a timeless classic. 
A combination of beautiful music and exquisite nature scenes, this video masterpiece with a Biblical worldview is rightly named Planet By Design.

A presentation exploring some of the many object lessons revealed in the layout of the Exodus sanctuary.
Follow the Path of God from heaven to earth, and the Path of God's people back to the throne of God.
See the structure of Eden, the design of mankind, and the deceptions of Spiritualism all revealed in the Sanctuary of God.
You will never look at the Sanctuary in the same light again!

In this "History of Hymns" series, learn the stories behind, or the resulting fruits of many of our much-loved hymns 
 This video focuses on the amazing results of "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name."