Family Presentations
Where did the Bible come from? How was it preserved for us through the centuries?  This new presentation from Bible Picture Pathways and family, traces the history of the Word of God through the ages in a format that young and old alike can appreciate.  It is divided into 5 Sections including “The Royal Line Begins”, 
“Die Bibel—The Royal Line”,  
“La Bible—The Royal Line”,  
“La Biblia—The Royal Line” and 
“The Royal Line--Our Bible in English”.  Learn to appreciate the Word of God like never before.  
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by Dallas Roberts

Text of Sermons 


This presentation explores what it means to be a watchman on the walls of Zion, and who are called to be these watchmen.

Are you wondering how to "dig a little deeper" in God's Word? This presentation  gives a few tips and examples of how to treasure hunt in your Bible. You might be surprised at some of what lays buried beneath the surface of the Holy Scriptures.

Evolution or Creation, has one actually been proven to be more scientific?  In this presentation, we look at the testimony of everything from the geologic column and the laws of logics to fossils and animals. We consider topics from "natural selection" to the laws of mathematics, and more.  Is there an obvious answer, or are we just willingly ignorant?

What caused the apostasy of Israel as they were about to enter the promised land? How can we avoid making the same mistakes today?

This presentation is one of the most challenging we have ever given and is especially for those who are earnestly "striving" to enter the straight gate--for "few there be that find it".

Are you an Oopart? Which way are you REALLY headed? This unusual sermon addresses these questions and more from a distinctively different angle than the usual.

An insightful sermon exploring the word "Wine" as used in the Bible. It answers many common question such as;  How was "wine preserved in Bible times?  What does wine represent? What spiritual lessons can God's people learn from the physical health effects of proper or improper use of "wine"?

Re-examination of the signs of Jesus' 2nd Coming in Matthew 24, and  a look at their modern fulfillment today. We are the last generation!

Does the church and its members have skeletons in their closet? This is an examination of an issue that many people would rather just ignore.

Exploring the pillars of the Christian faith as shown in the wilderness sanctuary of the Israelites.

Brief look at the early history of the Protestant Reformation.

A new look at the War of 1812 - and some spiritual applications of what it means to God's people today!

What does the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 have to do with us today?

An encouraging sermon for those who feel like they are striving against impossibilities.

Examining the issue 
of the 
"King of the North" 
in Daniel 11:40-45.

Are your religious beliefs a Conviction or a Preference?
Do you know 
what the difference is?
What does the court system 
think of your religious beliefs?

Presentation examining some 
of the comparisons between 
the characteristics of 
physical wolves and 
spiritual wolves.

A sermon contrasting 
the Table of the Lord and 
the Table of devils.
Disclaimer: I didn't buy them, 
I embarrassed my family members by digging through trash cans in town, to obtain my props for the devil's table :)

An interesting parallel between the history of the past,
and current events.
A sermon examining a
big issue that is dividing both
the church and the world today.

Exploring the definition of the Godhead - from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.
Letting the "Word of God"
show the real doctrine and explaining the confusion
behind the name "Trinity"
from history.

A recent sermon taking a different look at the message of "Righteousness by Faith", 
the 3 angels messages, and 
the Love of God.


Examines some spiritual lessons that we can learn from the animals, and how it connects to the glory of the 4th Angel of Revelation 18 and the Latter Rain.


This presentation carefully investigates how the human mind works, the origin of Hypnotism and mind-control, and exposes some of the subtle methods that are used, both in society and in the church, to gain control of human minds today.

The Snare of the Fowler.pdf The Snare of the Fowler.pdf
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This sermon is a very condensed presentation. It addresses some of the aspects of some big words that are being thrown around in Christian churches today. Words such as "Hermeneutics" and "Exegesis". It also discusses the 3 major Bible study methods and some of the history behind them. It reveals which ones are Satan's counterfeits and which one has the endorsement of the Bible & Inspiration!

Sermons Concerning Covid-19 and the World Situation

Taking a different look at the coronavirus panic and especially the "mask" issue. Examines the science behind it as well as some of the spiritual implications.

A look into some of the symbolic events of current history and the hidden significance they play in the great controversy for the rulership of planet earth.

Join us as we take a close look at the World Economic Forum's Global "Great Reset" and the coronavirus/mask agenda. We also examine the contents of the Pfizer Covid-19 and AstraZeneca vaccines and explore how they work - from a Bible-based perspective. Is a "vaccine" shown to be one of God's remedies, or is it the devil's counterfeit?





Health Presentations

The story of a 13 year old boy, diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in 2012 and some of the research and treatments that his parents discovered in their search for the cause and a cure. Good information for anyone fighting cancer.

A Couple Presentations from Campmeeting 

Susanna's Presentations 

We claim to be Christians, but are we sighing and crying for the abominations?

 What are the abominations? 

This presentation from the book of Ezekiel answers many questions that Christians in today's world should be thinking about.

Are there things that open us up for the activity of "spirits of devils" in our lives?  

 What do inspiration and experience have to say on the topic? 

This presentation is  based on a personal study of what causes demon possession and oppression and how to avoid them both.  Important information for those who would stand through the perilous times in which we live.

Is psychology biblical? Does it apply to the Christian? Whether you consider this unusual prophetic presentation homiletic license, an unexpected object lesson, or a hidden layer that God instilled in His amazing Word, we pray its presentation will give you some keys to practical Christianity.

 A recent live presentation on the sins of Saul.  An interesting study on the downward path of Saul, which took him from one who was once anointed of God, to the point of visiting the witch of Endor.  Discover warnings in this story for us here at the end of time.  


The Greatest Love Story of the Ages is the enduring theme of the entire Bible. Throughout all the narrative runs the golden theme of the Bridegroom's love for his Bride. For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name... Isaiah 54:5 Join us as we learn some interesting Hebrew wedding traditions. Follow the Bride's path through the sanctuary. Experience an appreciation for a love beyond human comprehension. Find out a bride-price has already been paid for YOU!

This is a short study on Revelation 15 and how we can be among those victorious ones standing on the Sea of Glass. This simple approach to prophecy makes it especially appealing to those who want to study prophecy, but often get lost in all the symbolism


A Presentation on  Music 

Following Elijah's story from Cherith to Carmel, this presentation highlights some important lessons about the Elijah Message for our day. Those who like to study a little deeper will enjoy searching for hidden treasures and exploring typologies in the Word of God.

NOTE: This presentation is actually in two parts, but we have put them together here for easier viewing.

Finding the book of the Law is the topic of this thought-provoking presentation. What is it? Where do we find it today? What was done away with at the cross? What, if any, portions are applicable to Christians today?  And what does this have to do with practice godliness. 

Note: Although this presentation is given through the  instrumentality of a female Sabbath School teacher,  it has been reviewed for Biblical accuracy by quite a few people, including a group of men, comprised of several elders and an ordained Pastor.

A presentation of timely truth needed for Christian soldiers in the tough days ahead.  With snippets from the Bible, current events, science, history, music and more, we hope this presentation will leave you praising the LORD with new fervor.

Rachel's Presentations

What is the only hope for transformation of character? 
This presentation from a 
camp-meeting investigates an important often under-estimated aspect of character development.

Using object lessons, stories, statistics and sound Biblical truth our youthful presenter hopes to inspire you to service by giving  a challenge to follow one of the last commands of Jesus. We hope you'll accept the challenge.

A fresh, new perspective of two popular parables that Jesus told.  This sermon is a must-watch for anyone who has wondered how they can find their place in working  for the Master.
Jacobus' Presentations

A Sermon on the Law of God

by Jacobus Fourie

presented in Washington, USA

A Sermon on Loving your Enemies

 by Jacobus Fourie

presented in Washington, USA.

The Gospel and BAPTISM.

Sermon by Jacobus Fourie

The Image of SIN by Cobus Fourie.pdf The Image of SIN by Cobus Fourie.pdf
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