Family Night Activities


Sesquipedalian Words

Sesquipedalian simply means having many syllables.

On a white board draw out hints for each syllable linked by addition signs.  Have different persons in your family draw while the others guess.

Here are some examples.


Commentary-  Caw-mint-airy

Draw a crow with emphasis on the "Caw" + draw some kind of mint candy or the herb + Draw a hairy animal - H


Conspiracy-   Con-Spear-a-See

Draw a prisoner in stripes + draw a spear + A + draw a person's eye or and ocean/sea

  We have really enjoyed this game that increases your thinking power.  Hope you do too!

  A Puny Game

 This game is a good game to play at the dinner table. Unlike some other joking it typically is a clean game that is not at someone's expense. 

Gather the family together and pick a theme. Then let everyone start coming up with word puns. 

For example, say your theme is Bees. Here are some puns to get you started.

Why don't you comb your hair.

Doing that gives me hives.

Don't just sit there and drone on and on. 

Bee nice to your siblings.


    Tongue Twisters

This game can be educational as well as fun. If you are trying to get someone who is educated to play you can call it the Alliteration  Game. 

To play have people create sentences, by starting each word with the same letter. Small words liked a, of, at, or, etc. can be used. For Example: "Mary moved Mother's magnet."

One theme you can do is for every one to use their name. This game teaches the fact of how hard it is to tame the tongue.

The following is an example taken from Joe Crews pamphlet, Tiny Troublemaker.

"The tongue's terrible tendency to tell tall tales totally tarnishes traditional trans-communication theories. The tempestuous tirades traceable to the tongue testify to the traumatic tactics of this tiny tab of tissue. Thousands that take the time to think, try to tame the tumultuous torrent of the too talkative tongue. Temporarily, the tide turns. Towering tempers turn to tenderness. Then, tragically, the trend tapers. The tongue trips, teeters, then takes a tumble; the temptation to trifling twaddle triumphs.

"Take time to tabulate this timeless truth: to train the tongue takes the tremendous talent of trust. Theology teaches that trust thrives through toil. Therefore, throttle the testy tongue! Terminate the trivial topics that tinge the tenor of talk! Trim the trashy, tasteless terms that transgress traditions of truth. Trounce the trite themes that toady to thoughtless tattling.

"Theoretically, the tantalizing target of a true, tactful, temperate, tongue torments and teases those that tackle the task. To tell the truth, thrilling triumph throngs the tracks of the tough, tenacious thwarter of tawdry talk!"

Hope you have a historically happy home history!