Health Reform/Self-Control


 1. Eliminate all foods/drugs that compromise the frontal lobe, the reasoning part of the brain 

Alcohol-Beers, wines, etc. (Check out "Wine as Used in the Bible")

 Tobacco-Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco

Caffeine-Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Soft Drinks, Cocoa and many Energy Drinks,etc.

Vinegar-Mayonaise, Vegenaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Salad Dressings, Salsas and other sauces.  Also in many breads

Cheese and Flesh meats

 The controlling power of appetite will prove the ruin of thousands, when, if they had conquered on this point, they would have had moral power to gain the victory over every other temptation of Satan. But those who are slaves to appetite will fail in perfecting Christian character. The continual transgression of man for six thousand years has brought sickness, pain, and death as its fruits. And as we near the close of time, Satan's temptation to indulge appetite will be more powerful and more difficult to overcome.       {Counsels on Diets and Foods 163.3}

 Pre-established habits and ideas must be overcome in many cases, before we can make advancement in religious life. The faithful Christian will bear much fruit; he is a worker; he will not lazily drift, but will put on the whole armor to fight the battles of the Lord. The essential work is to conform the tastes, the appetite, the passions, the motives, the desires, to the great moral standard of righteousness. The work must begin at the heart. That must be pure, wholly conformed to Christ's will, else some master passion, or some habit or defect, will become a power to destroy. God will accept of nothing short of the whole heart.  {Christian Education  50.2} 

The strength of the temptation to indulge appetite can be measured only by the inexpressible anguish of our Redeemer in that long fast in the wilderness. He knew that the indulgence of perverted appetite would so deaden man's perceptions that sacred things could not be discerned. Adam fell by the indulgence of appetite; Christ overcame by the denial of appetite. And our only hope of regaining Eden is through firm self-control. If the power of indulged appetite was so strong upon the race, that, in order to break its hold, the divine Son of God, in man's behalf, had to endure a fast of nearly six weeks, what a work is before the Christian! Yet, however great the struggle, he may overcome. By the help of that divine power which withstood the fiercest temptations that Satan could invent, he too may be entirely successful in his warfare with evil, and at last may wear the victor's crown in the kingdom of God.  {Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene  54.2}

 Ignorance is no excuse now for the transgression of law. The light shines clearly, and none need be ignorant, for the great God Himself is man's instructor. All are bound by the most sacred obligations to God to heed the sound philosophy and genuine experience which He is now giving them in reference to health reform. He designs that the great subject of health reform shall be agitated, and the public mind deeply stirred to investigate; for it is impossible for men and women, with all their sinful, health-destroying, brain-enervating habits, to discern sacred truth, through which they are to be sanctified, refined, elevated, and made fit for the society of heavenly angels in the kingdom of glory. . . .  {Counsels on Diets and Foods  70.2} 


Effects of Caffeine

(Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Soft Drinks and Cocoa)

1. Can cause drug withdrawal reactions and cause or worsen psychiatric illness

2.Central Nervous System Stimulant (negative effect on Children)


4. Increases Blood Pressure

5. Can cause palpitations and more dangerous heart rhythms

6. Increases gastric acids and pepsin thus increasing the risk of ulcers.

7. Avoid in pregnancy, because it may cause skeletal abnormalities, damage to DNA and chromosomal aberrations, decreased intrauterine fetal growth and lower birth weights.

8. Impairs mental and physical performance

9. Increases blood coagulation. (Increases risk of coronary thrombosis)

10. Disturbs Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

Compiled from You’ll Rust Out Before You Wear Out by Royce K. Bailey, MD and Proof Positive by Neil Nedley, MD


From the John Hopkins Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences comes the report that caffeine produces many behavioral effects similar to those of cocaine and amphetamines. Caffeine increased cocaine-seeking behavior measurably. This infers that caffeine can be a gateway to stronger drugs. Unfortunately, caffeine is the most common drug habit in the United States. The Journal of Health and Healing pg 10


All brands of cocoa from which chocolate is made contain more tannin per cup than tea, which has approximately two grains tannin per cup.

A bar of chocolate, as you would buy at the store contains 78 milligrams of caffeine—about half as much an average cup of coffee.

Kicking the Chocolate Habit


Chocolate has a minimum of 50 % of the calories from fat.

Fermentation is essential to develop the chocolate flavor. Workers cut the bean pods from the cacao tree and pile them in the yard to ferment for three to eight days.

Insects, rodents and small animals make nests in the piles and many kinds of contamination occur. The US Department of Health and Human Services lists contaminate levels in chocolate from "insects, rodents and other natural contaminants two ways:

1. Visible or solid animal excreta must not exceed 10 milligrams per pound.

2. Chocolate powder must not have more than 75 insect fragments in three tablespoons of powder.


Tea and coffee produce an immediate effect. Under the influence of these poisons the nervous system is excited; and in some cases, for the time being, the intellect seems to be invigorated, the imagination more vivid. Because these stimulants produce such agreeable results, many conclude that they really need them; but there is always a reaction. The nervous system has borrowed power from its future resources for present use, and all this temporary invigoration is followed by a corresponding depression. The suddenness of the relief obtained from tea and coffee is an evidence that what seems to be strength is only nervous excitement, and consequently must be an injury to the system. Child Guidance pg. 403 **********************************************


More than 80% of Americans consume what the American Psychiatric Association terms "behaviorally active" doses of caffeine. It all adds up:

Coffee + Chocolate candy bar + Caffeinated soda + Tea= Too much caffeine!!

A child drinking a 12-ounce soda gets the equivalent amount of caffeine intake, on a body weight basis, of an adult who drinks 4 cups of instant coffee.

Guilt-free Gourmet pg.340, 341


Researchers checked whether any of the fats (which are plentiful) in chocolate mimic the chemical structure of psychoactive drugs. As it turns out, chocolate contains compounds similar to those in marijuana.

You’ll Rust Out Before You Wear Out Royce K. Bailey M.D. pg. 19



 The dictionary defines vinegar as, an impure dilute solution of acetic acid obtained by the fermentation beyond the alcohol stage and used as a condiment and preservative. Interestingly, you may get some hitchhikers in at least some vinegar. Vinegar eels are a small nematode worm often found in great numbers in vinegar because they feed on the organisms that cause fermentation in vinegar.

Acetic acid concentration in vinegar ranges typically from 4 to 8% by volume in table vinegar depending on the variety. Higher concentrations are used commercially and for pickling (up to 18%). A chart found on wikipedia lists the hazards of acetic acid by concentration. Ten – 25% is listed as an irritant. Twenty-five - 90%is listed as corrosive. Solutions of more than 25% acetic acid are handled in a fume hood because of the pungent, corrosive vapor. Acetic acid in strong solutions is dangerous to human and animal life. It can cause severe damage to the digestive system and a potential lethal change in the acidity of the blood.

  The pH of vinegar is typically in the range of 2.4 to 3, depending on the concentration of acetic acid, but in scientific studies small amounts of vinegar (approximately 20 ml or 2 tablespoons) added to food have been shown to effect the glycemic index of carbohydrate food for people with or without diabetes. This may be explained by delayed gastric emptying rate.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998;64

Vinegar is a ferment that suspends salivary digestion and retards the digestion of starches. Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

A very small portion of vinegar will diminish the digestion of starch by its inhibiting effect upon the ptyalin. Vinegar not only destroys ptyalin, but contains alcohol which precipitates the pepsin of the gastric juice and retards or prevents gastric digestion of proteins. In other words, it cripples the first two stages of digestion.

The Divine Philosophy & Science on Health &Healing

[When] salads a prepared with oil and vinegar, fermentation takes place in the stomach, and the food does not digest, but decays or putrefies; as a consequence the blood is not nourished, but becomes filled with impurities, and liver and kidney difficulties appear. Counsels on Diets and Foods, Pg 345

When questioned, an osteopath, Frank Small, stated that vinegar can stop bleeding as well as breathing, and can cause anemia, a weak heart, hemorrhaging and vomiting.

Of less than 10 people I referenced on the issue, 2 were given headaches by vinegar; one had intestinal distress, and one (who with some of the others) had recently quit using vinegar reported it to be addictive. She told me, If you don’t think you consume much vinegar, try eliminating it and see how many foods you have to avoid.

Vinegar is commonly used in pickled foods, vinaigrettes, salad dressings, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, salsa, taco sauce, sandwich spreads, dips and marinades,and even breads.

I advise replacing vinegar in recipes with lemon juice. Unlike vinegar, lemon juice turns alkaloid in the body, NOT acidic.

When Christ hung on the cross, He was presented with a stupefying potion of vinegar as a painkiller. When he had tasted it He refused it for He would receive nothing that would becloud his mind. We are told to do so would have given Satan an advantage. Desire of Ages Pg 746 in reference to Matthew 27:34

As long as you acknowledge this habit [the use of vinegar] by indulging it, Satan will retain his hold on your will, and bring it into obedience to himself. But if you will determine to overcome, the Lord will heal you, and will give you strength to resist every temptation. Ever remember that Christ is your Saviour and Keeper.

Counsels on Diets and Foods pg 485

I once read a story of an alcoholic who has overcome alcoholism, until at someone's house he used a white wine vinaigrette.  It set him back so terribly in his battle against alcohol that he almost killed a man.  So really, is it a little thing?