Books and Other Items

We are happy to announce that two of our books have been professionally published
 and are now available for sale on Amazon. (Links below)
The Wilderness Sanctuary by Susanna Roberts (Available in Hardcover)
Sword Unsheathed by Dallas Roberts (Available in Paperback) 

Hidden Manna Manual

$ 11.99 USD

This booklet is an excellent aid for any Bible student, and will begin to open up the Bible to the reader’s understanding. It contains a list of figures used in the Bible along with their “spiritual” interpretations, rules for Biblical interpretation, charts, a list of Bible names with their meaning and more. 89 pages

Country Cabin Cookin'

$ 21.99 USD

County Cabin Cookin' is a collection of totally vegetarian recipes aimed at using garden produce, bulk and dry-stock foods to replace favorite recipes with something better. Also included are a few edible wild plant recipes that are worth remaking. In a very "civilized" age it is sometimes hard to find recipes for making thing the old fashioned way--from scratch. We know you will enjoy our favorites including breads, desserts, entrees, salads, and more. 153 pages