Books and Other Items

The Wilderness Sanctuary-Childrens Book

$ 12.99 USD

Introduce children to each of the features of the Sanctuary in the Wilderness. This full-color illustrated book will help chilren to discover the wonderful details of the sanctuary while learning more about its Designer. 28 glossy cardstock pages.

Hidden Manna Manual

$ 11.99 USD

This booklet is an excellent aid for any Bible student, and will begin to open up the Bible to the reader’s understanding. It contains a list of figures used in the Bible along with their “spiritual” interpretations, rules for Biblical interpretation, charts, a list of Bible names with their meaning and more. 89 pages

Country Cabin Cookin'

$ 21.99 USD

County Cabin Cookin' is a collection of totally vegetarian recipes aimed at using garden produce, bulk and dry-stock foods to replace favorite recipes with something better. Also included are a few edible wild plant recipes that are worth remaking. In a very "civilized" age it is sometimes hard to find recipes for making thing the old fashioned way--from scratch. We know you will enjoy our favorites including breads, desserts, entrees, salads, and more. 153 pages