Swift Runner Health Materials

Pharmakeia The Sorcerer's Wand (Running Time: 90 minutes)

$ 9.99 USD

Volume 1 of the “Invading the Castle of the Dragon” series explores some of the subtle and dangerous connections between the modern ‘system of the Caduceus’ and the history and origin of ancient sorcery. This documentary will challenge your comfort zone and open your understanding to the dangers lurking within your hospital and medicine cabinet! (Running Time: 90 minutes)

Shop for a Cure-Curing Cancer and Disease One Shopping Cart at a Time-Twin DVD Set (Running Time: 200 minutes)

$ 11.99 USD

Shop for a Cure is a DVD set that begins with the story of Trenton, an otherwise healthy 13-year old, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2012. This presentation covers the blessings he received from the Great Physician, especially those that came by way of natural remedies. It also gives helpful tips for others who may be undergoing chemotherapy and provides a glimpse into the study of Trenton’s parents concerning the causes and prevention of cancer as they “shopped for a cure.” It’s practical suggestions and natural treatments make it a must-see for anyone encountering cancer. (Running Time: Disc 1: 90 minutes. Disc 2: 110 minutes)